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But when you’re rich and famous and have all the money/resources in the world, we expect you to show out for Halloween. Books bring us magic and mystery all year around, but they’re also a rich source for creative Halloween costume ideas. Senior year of high school, I came to school as Hester Prynne. When the first season came out, you didn’t feel like you were watching the sci-fi show — you felt like you were discovering it, like finding a cult classic on VHS nobody else knew about. Incorporate your mask and celebrate your favorite first responder! You can don a “Jason” style mask to convey the “killer” part of the costume.

I’m not sure if there’s anything cuter than a baby taco and you can totally rock a hot sauce costume to go with. If baby is going as an owl this year you could go as one of Gryffindor’s finest by breaking out an old graduation gown. Sadly, my costume wasn’t nearly as good as the one in this post, but I brought a baby Pearl around school with me all day. Use these costumes to help you overcome your last minute Halloween costume idea predicament. Time: An hour; maybe less if you have someone to help! My boyfriend and I are just one of those couples who seems to have an explosive time wherever we go. This one was certainly a teacher favorite! Wear your favorite professional attire (think button-ups and pencil skirts) with a Superman shirt peeking out.

As an adult now, dressing up and going out for Halloween is still very important to me. The great thing about zombies is that they were once regular people going about their everyday lives. The invitees range from A-list celebrities to nonfamous people and hairstylists; Questlove clearly hates getting a costume but is there every year regardless. Get going and create some fun children’s Halloween costumes this year. Even though silly me thought Halloween was canceled this year — you know, ’cause the pandemic — everyone dressed up, and I have to applaud The Weeknd for his costume. This means you can get even more creative (and lazier) with your fashion choices but it certainly does not mean your costume will be subpar.

Blossom Powerpuff Girl Costume 1. This is a classic look that history buffs and vintage enthusiasts will love. Should you run to the local discount store and buy anything that will fit you? Visit your nearest Halloween or dollar store and buy a burglar mask to complete your all-black bank robber ensemble. Bunch of Grapes: Buy a package of green or purple balloons. Coordinate your shirt and pants with the color of the balloons and affix the balloons to your clothes. Affix as many boxes of cereal as you can find to your clothing and carry a plastic knife. Cereal Killer: This look is for the pun lovers.

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