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Links: Halloween Edition - CUTETROPOLIS The best Halloween masks, however, are being released now: These fun, whimsical, getacos and seriously spooky options for Halloween will make health concerns around gathering in public spaces less frightening. If you prefer the ease of buying a pre-made costume, there are a ton of options out there. I’m counting on all of you to flaunt the cheeky maternity costumes I missed out on. Click through our gallery to discover 28 cute costumes that are perfect for the creative college girl. Be certain to get plenty of photos, as your little girl will be very little such a brief time. A yellow, off-the-shoulder bodysuit, matching opera-length gloves, and a yellow cape secretly safety-pinned to your top is all you need to get Megan’s first look from the music video. These picks are made with breathable, functional materials, are sure to fit snugly against your nose and mouth and will complete any Halloween look during the pandemic.

So even though our favorite holiday will look a bit different this year we’re still planning to get dolled up for the best costuming and celebrating from a Zoom-y distance. Make sure you’re ready to dish it out and get some in return. Everyone will be dressed as Joe Exotic or Carole Baskin, but you’ll stand out when you show up to the party as a literal tiger from Joe’s zoo. On Friday, we went to our church Halloween party. If you can’t physically attend a Halloween party this year, don’t forgo celebrating. There are so many great themed Halloween face masks being made for kids this year, whether they feature a classic Halloween theme, a favorite superhero, or a cute animal.

But Halloween may be the one time kids are actually excited to wear ’em, since a spooky-fun cloth face mask can be an integral feature of your kid’s Halloween costume. Below, we’ve pulled a collection of cloth masks that will add a safe touch to the Halloween costume you’ve already picked out — or maybe even help inspire a new Halloween costume idea. Buying a Halloween face mask is a must for anyone who is planning on a new kind of celebration this year (whether that’s a quarantine-friendly Halloween celebration or for those heading out to trick or treat). The middle square is cut out to reveal the costume wearer along with the caption “The Masked Murderer” (because even murderers mask up), and the top middle square titled “Next Victim” consists of an iPad running a mirror app.

If you like to go all out with a sexy costume, the “WAP” music video is overflowing with Cardi B- and Megan Thee Stallion-approved outfits. Halloween is around the corner again and it is an opportunity for you to bring out your sexy side with a little creativity. Before your child is old enough to have input, why not have a little fun? However, shoes have to be bought separately. Swap your shoes for roller skates. Swap your popcorn for candy corn and let the movie marathon begin. Who says Halloween is all about the candy? Klum revealed the extensive work and long hours it took to create the look, making this Halloween costume one for the books!

By this point, your little one has probably had plenty of practice wearing a face mask in public — but as all parents know, getting kids to keep them on can be a challenge. Halloween is probably the only occasion during the novel coronavirus pandemic when wearing a face mask makes more sense than ever. Before you ask: Yes, you should absolutely be wearing a face mask this Halloween, particularly if you decide to spend time outside of your home with people you don’t live with, or inside your home with visitors. Whether you’re aiming for a classic jack-o’-lantern face or a more original design, pumpkin carving is the perfect activity to do outdoors, distanced from friends or with kids at home.

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