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Are you the darling who volunteered to take your kid brother or sister trick where to get halloween costumes or treating? Tip: These costumes work for couples, single or even brother & sister! If you don’t have goggles, you could fashion your own minion-esque headband, as pictured above, or even cut paper cups in half and attach them to a black knit headband to look like eye goggles. To create this costume, pair a yellow dress with white knee-high socks, ankle boots (or Mary-Janes if you have them), and an umbrella. Add a pair of black suspenders and goggles to complete the look. This Halloween you’ll see plenty of Supermans and Wonder Womans, but a fresh new take on this costume standby can add an air of mystery. Add a short skirt and heels, and you’ll be transformed into the one and only Regina George.

The beauty of this ensemble is that you can use basics you likely already own: a simple black skater skirt and white button-up form the foundation of this costume. Best of all, you can show up in whatever you’re wearing; print out a nametag and you’re ready to go. Put on your favorite red dress and print out or draw a circular sign with either “Thing 1” or “Thing 2” on it. Chances are you probably do, and if you don’t, you probably have some sort of animal print clothing in your wardrobe. Whatever the reason may be, you have just two days to pull together a killer (get it?) costume. Halloween is approaching, and even though its festivities will look a little different this year, there are still so many ways to celebrate, from binging your favorite horror flicks to putting together a last-minute costume for a socially-distanced get together.

You totally forgot Halloween was happening. Share Gabby added Halloween details to her outfit by wearing black horns on her head as she flashed a glimpse of her pert posterior in her very skimpy costume. Another image showed two fit-looking men embracing the medical theme by wearing nothing but scrub bottoms, stethoscopes and clipboards. Zeta marked the third hurricane in two months to strike Louisiana, after it was already reeling from Laura in August and Delta earlier in October. Photo Credit (Writers Note: I picked this picture solely because cats and Halloween are two of my favorite things. Up to 500 people be present at outdoor gatherings, and you can have 20 people visit your house at one time if you decide to host a Halloween event in the Apple Isle. Grab an old shirt, some face paint, and scissors and you can soon make yourself into a splendid zombie.

What you need: black clothes (optional but looks like wetsuits), empty soda bottles, paint, goggles, black tape, string (or ribbon to tie the ‘tanks’ on). Whether you avidly follow the Duchess of Cambridge’s wardrobe or you’ve only got eyes for Queen Letizia, then you’ll also love the looks of Princess Madeleine of Sweden. Some fabulous, simple, costume halloween and cheap Halloween looks are coming your way. Avatar costumes for Halloween are all the rage this year. Kitty costumes are fun and always have the opportunity to be fresh. You probably even have a container of Morton salt with her on it in your pantry right now.

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