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Use black construction paper to tape three dots to a white button down and a costume tie. Finish the look with a button down shirt, halloween cosplay bow-tie and glasses. Finish the look with a warm rain jacket and rain boots. Finish the look and up your pun game with a pair of shades. Complete the costume with trivia cards and a pair of classes. She created this DIY Halloween costume with only a red t-shirt and anoversized hoodie. Buy the biggest pink T-shirt you can find, and tie your hair up in pigtails. Gothic eye makeup and red streaks in her long hair were the finishing touches.

All you need for this Halloween costume is a green or red shirt, some blue overalls, a hat to match the shirt, and some paper details for the “M” or “L” on the hat and the mustache. Don’t worry, you don’t need handcuffs. All you need for this costume is a pig nose and pig ear headband and a blanket. If you own a blanket with arm holes, like a Snuggie, it will be easier to move around for parties or trick-or-treating. How much easier does it get for the men? Grab some red hoodies, get your toy weapons, and the money is on those masks.

The torso is black, while the skirt part is red with black spots. All you need is a yellow onesie, a red t shirt, and some black makeup for the nose. When Halloween slips your mind or life just gets in the way, there’s no need to worry. You just need gray clothing and gray paint swatches to pin all over you. Showing off her face transformation that was done by makeup artist Fiona Stiles, Garner leans into the camera before putting on a wrinkle repair serum and pulling the covers over her head. In one image, David looked up at a scary skeleton which was hanging from the ceiling, while another showcased a gruesome monster’s head.

There may not be enough time to order one online, and the best costumes may already be sold out at your local Halloween store. You have those who plan out their Halloween costumes by strolling through Pinterest weeks in advance looking for the hottest Halloween costumes. Print out photos of your favorite men in your life and attach them to an umbrella with string. Make sure to ask others if they “accept this rose.” Who knows, you may find the next love of your life. You can find them at almost any department store for just a couple dollars! There are a couple different options that you can use to create a mummy costume.

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