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You guys look great. This would be great for a Halloween costume, or a renaissance fair costume, custom halloween costumes or just something a person in the society of creative anachronism or any other re-enactment medieval group. When I was a young girl, Halloween seemed more challenging than fun to me. Bigger and more dramatic feathers will really turn your costume up a few notches. See more ideas about Apocalyptic fashion, Post apocalyptic fashion and Mad max. Come and join us today and see how Dani takes a cute costume and turns it into a zombie flamingo. Are you like Dani? Well let Dani Thompson show you how to think out of the box by turning a normal costume you wouldn’t think would suit Halloween into something different. Mustache 1: I made our mustaches out of construction paper, black pipe cleaners and chop sticks – all things I found lying around the house.

This black kilt is a doppelganger for many he wears on the series. It’s also easy to make since all you need is a black dress, a red coat, and a hat. She used a pink leotard, pink leggings, 10 pink feather boas and a toucan beak she spray painted black to create her flamingo look which turned out so cute! It’s Halloween time and you’ve run out of ideas as to what to wear. Check them out, and get ready for an enchanting Halloween! But if you want a little more, check out our go-to Halloween Instagram captions. I am pretty burnt out from crafting costumes, but so glad that everything turned out well. During your next virtual happy hour, take some time to weed out the worst and best flavors of the year, and play this game with your BFFs. This is such an creative take and something that can be done pretty quickly and easily.

The dying didn’t take long and they ended up just the color we wanted. Halloween may look different this year, but you can still celebrate. Kristen of Love, Lipstick and Pearls put together a super easy and absolutely adorable flamingo costume from Halloween a few years back. Ah, 2016. This year, Season 2 of the hit Netflix streaming show arrived only a mere few days before All Hallows’ Eve rolled around, but that doesn’t mean a unique costume is out of the question. You could even make some big coins out of gold felt and sew them to the carrier with a couple small stitches. I don’t know how I can ever make a cooler costume for Calvin, though.

Why not bring them over to grandma or grandpa’s house and look for some hidden treasures in the attic or basement that can be worn for a one of a kind costume everyone will remember. I’m sure no one has ever said that, but why not? There is one way this can go wrong: You don’t want to spend a ton of money or time on a Halloween costume only to have your child or your dog refuse to wear it. Halloween 2012 my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I went as Mario and Luigi. We went to about 15 different stores and finally found purple ones, but never found yellow.

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