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Don’t hide that round baby bump! The only thing more adorable than a baby dressed to the nines for Halloween is a family with a collective costume! But, what if you could broaden your options and get some more exclusive ones? Hefter says that with Halloween falling on a Saturday this year, more teens and adults will dress up in costumes, and kids will likely wear more than one costume for weekend parties. An “under the sea” theme is fun to wear whether you want to to dress up as The Little Mermaid or a lobster. Kids’ favorite Nick Jr. character, Peppa Pig, comes to life with this hooded dress and spiraled pink tail.

If you’re a dad to all daughters, Tim Allen’s character, Mike Baxter, is the perfect costume for you. If you love cats, but not the sexy kitty look, this DIY Halloween costume is the perfect mommy-approved option. Picking out the perfect costume for the night is all about making sure that it’s something fresh, new, and exciting, and that means being up to date on all of 2020’s best people and moments. When you have 2020’s biggest pop culture moments mixed in with the hottest entertainment of the year, you know you can’t go wrong. From over-the-top movies like Eurovision Song Contest to nostalgic reboots like The Baby-Sitters Club, plus memorable red carpet moments (think: Billy Porter at the 2020 Grammys), this list covers all the costume bases, costume shop and then some. You’ll surely have the skins by then. Now, skins are a major part of the game’s features and there are loads to choose from.

The best part is that there are several costumes where you can use your pregnancy belly to your advantage to create fun and cute costumes that everyone will love. With Halloween fast approaching, Golden Girls costumes have been on my mind. However you choose to pay homage to the musical starring the Founding Father and his crew on October 31, rest assured you won’t be throwing away your shot at Halloween fun. Or maybe you’ve just been counting down the minutes until October arrives so that you can rock a Halloween costume inspired by the Tony award-winning cast’s inspired colonial-era costumes. The trick to getting your Halloween costume in Among Us is pretty simple. For Christman skins as well, the trick is the same. If however, on the off chance, this trick does not get you the skin, just reboot your phone once after the trick. Then, turn off auto-update time and get ready to set your own time.

You’re all set to enjoy your new Christmas skins. Once you set the time the 23:59, wait for the clock to tick over to the next day and then voila! I thought I loved dressing up, and then I had kids and got to dress them like little dolls and parade them around for free candy. Halloween: a time to dress up, drink cider, and ignore the countless wrappers of candy that are strewn about your floor. You can dress up as her as part of a squad, go with your own Joker or be solo for the night. From Maria Reynolds’s flame-colored dress to George Washington’s Revolutionary War uniform, there are so many ways to show off your obsession with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hip-hop musical this Halloween. Modifications, research and planning ahead will make Halloween not only possible, but enjoyable for all family members.

Bad things happen in places like this: zombies will stagger out of graves; witches will boil something green in cauldrons; vampires will bare their pointy fangs. From a nod to punny references that will bring the laughs to group costumes that everyone will want to be a part of, this year is all about the creativity. Halloween is already next month, and yeah, the halloween store (for the thousandth time) it’s definitely not going to look normal this year. Lucky for you, we found the hottest new costume ideas that are sure to be a hit this year. And because soon-to-be mommas know how to channel their creativity into everything, you can tap into your artsy side for some fun DIY maternity costume ideas (think: a Magic 8-Ball or a pot of gold). If you’re handy with a sewing needle, DIY a costume with leftover fabric, and scour your local antique mall for authentic props.

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