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Sexy Boba Fett - Flickr - Photo Sharing! Cut out three large circles out of white construction paper, holloween store and three smaller circles out of black paper. Operation: Use construction paper to cut out shapes from the game Operation and tape them to your clothes. The S&P 500: Cover yourself in graph paper. Whether you want to say you’re dressed as a toilet or paper towel roll is up to you. If you want to put in a little extra effort, attach some red felt letters and spell out “Good Guys” for cinematic accuracy and draw some scars on your face. You’ll also need the Pizza Planet logo on your shirt; you could either draw one or print it out.

Alpine scenery and a chalet Or check out these amazing Witch Costumes. Though your body (and face) is changing, it does not mean that you cannot play dress up which is an essential aspect of Halloween and you can find many fantastic Halloween costumes for pregnant women. Bonus points on this costume if you can nail the dance! Why, a Honey Boo Boo costume of course! To get into character, say “I volunteer” whenever possible during the course of the evening. Check out this article on everything stylish Freddie Mercury to get some ideas. Or, if you prefer Malek to Mercury, check out these ideas for a Mr. Robot costume (hint, it’s really just a lot of black). Yet, we anticipate that the lead up to this film is going to mean a lot of Queen-related costumes.

We’ve come through with a killer list of the best last-minute costumes. I took all my stuffed animals and safety pinned them to my best dress. She wrote: ‘happy best day of the year everyone ! In fact, you might even want to wear it this year. Want to reference something more current? An all-black ensemble also works as a costume for Black Widow, although it may need to be a little more skintight. ” Everyone loves these little green aliens. ” Just finish your look with a bright red lip, winged liner and extreme volume lashes! For Snoopy, use eye liner to outline a dog’s nose on your own nose.

Color your nose red with marker or lipstick. Coordinate your shirt and pants with the color of the balloons and affix the balloons to your clothes. All you need are some black clothes and some facial pain. This is a fun couple outfit that only requires you to pick out all the brightest, most patterned, or colorful clothes in your wardrobe. The rest of the outfit is up to your creativity. Avoid sharp objects the rest of the night. And Gabby Allen looked sexy yet again as she played dress up for Halloween on Saturday night as she headed to Babbo in Mayfair with a gal pal. You are sure to win the Halloween costume contest with this adorable DIY Gum ball machine costume!

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