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Complete the costume with headphones and some break dancing skills! If I see the Snapchat Dancing Hot Dog this Halloween, my day will be made. The Breckoween Pub Crawl is a party that lasts all day with stops at various Breckenridge bars, including Angel’s Hollow, Blue Stag Saloon, Burke and Riley’s Irish Pub, Breckenridge Tap House, Gold Pan Saloon, Motherloaded, Napper Tandy’s and more.witch costume kids Looking for something quick and clever for Guavaween, the Apocalyse at The Cuban Club Saturday night or the anything goes Halloween Pub Crawl through some of the biggest and best bars in the SoHo district on the 30th? I took all my stuffed animals and safety pinned them to my best dress. Finally, dress up in denim from head to toe and use a red bandana headband. If you’re really crunched for time, you could use one of the following ideas for a little effort costume.

Halloween is always a fun time, especially if you are going with that special someone to a costume party! There are many couple Halloween costumes out on the market, so you should be able to find something special and unique without having to design and make your own. These costumes are easy to put together but are guaranteed to make an impact and have everyone asking you how you thought of it. Another trendy couples Halloween costumes is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton. My boyfriend and I are just one of those couples who seems to have an explosive time wherever we go. If you don’t have stickers, write “Hello, my name is” on loose leaf, cut it out, and tape it to your shirt. You can spray-paint anything on your white shirt and get away with it.

Smudge your face with white and smear black under your eyes, peer out from behind the wig. Black out a few of your teeth, smear dark brown make-up on your face and some mascara under your eyes for circles. Halloween is only a few days away and you don’t have a costume ready! Wear jeans, yoga pants, something you already have for the bottom and you will be in control all night long! This only works if you have fake flowers in the house. BONUS: I couldn’t resist sharing this costume I spotted this past Saturday. Samara Morgan from ‘The Ring” – Buy a pair of white stockings, long white gloves, a long black wig from a costume shop and an over-sized white shirt or baggy dress from a thrift store. Another in your group can be Pam with a basic skirt, cardigan, and of course, white Keds.

Needs: White & black t-shirts. All you need is a yellow onesie, a red t shirt, and some black makeup for the nose. Wear black flats or Mary Janes. Get them wrong and you’re just another dude in a James Bond tux or a sloppily dressed tourist in board shorts. If you’re an IU basketball fanatic, you probably own all of this stuff already! 40 for a costume from the party store; get creative and make something cool! And it certainly doesn’t hurt that the character has numerous costume options thanks to variations throughout his many years of existence. This adorable flower pot costume idea is from Dukes and Duchesses. This costume is a great excuse for taking out that fancy dress or suit that you bought for an event and never wore again.

Soak the dress with teabags to stain it, which halloween costumes or smudge it up with dirt or mud. Cut holes and smudge the clothes with dirt or brown paint. Smudge up the stockings and gloves too. Tape them onto a hard hat, grab a utility belt with hand sanitizer, put on some kitchen gloves and keep your distance. Paint red tips on the fingers of the gloves for ‘nails’. She created this DIY Halloween costume with only a red t-shirt and anoversized hoodie. You’ll be ready to deliver all the TLC in a nurse costume. Travis Scott fans feared that their trolling went too far after the Sick Mode rapper deleted his Instagram following a weekend of getting roasted for his brown Batman costume.

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