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The dog’s head usually rests on top of their own head so they can easily breathe and see. For bonus points you can include some white gloves, but they definitely aren’t a necessity. If you don’t happen to have a white jumpsuit laying around (I assume the average person doesn’t), a white button up and any kind of white pants will do. 50 on a cheaply made costume, yet you don’t want to drown in a crowd of people dressed as sexy mammals or the slew of people dressed as skeletons.angel and devil costumes On Saturday, the Alias actress showed off her simple plans for a festive costume, as she dressed up like her favorite emoji – a sleepy old lady. Why not save some money and add a personal touch to your Halloween costume by raiding your closet or visiting your local thrift store for the items you need to make a simple costume?

50 at a Halloween store. If you’ve procrastinated on putting together a Halloween costume this year, here are five easy ideas you can pull together with clothing you probably already have in your closet. This year, the pop-star is set to release her debut full-length album Life Support. Pair a striped shirt with some overalls and you’re basically set. Pair these with false eyelashes, some black boots if you have them, and don’t forget to pose with a glass of milk! If you don’t have a black sweater and a white button-up shirt somewhere in your closet, someone in your family probably does.

Cut a hole in one of the boxes and glue the cereal to the shirt you have. You’ll need some boxes of cereal, preferably some stale cereal hiding in the back of your pantry. What you’ll need: White balloons, safety pins,, loofah sponges, shower cap. Pair this with a black skirt or even some black jeans and you’ll be good to go. For this punny outfit, just wear any jeans and a shirt you don’t really care about. Just don’t bring the murder weapon with you; better safe than sorry (though it’s best to find a fake plastic one so that you don’t injure yourself or anyone around you)! If you’re not feeling up to the party for one reason or another, just get some information about what happened and it’s like you were there the whole time. There are lots of choices for Halloween costumes in 2008. Again, as long as you can be creative, you can get a very special and unique Halloween costume.

Classic television is full of iconic costume ideas that can get you out the door on Halloween with very little effort. Cut the arm out of an oversized shirt and paint red blood around the opening. Make a stop to Home Depot or Lowes and grab 50 (or less) different shades of gray paint cards. So here are a few DIY ideas that won’t break the bank and will be fun and easy to make. Paper doll costume with full diy instructions by Brassy Apple. Another last-minute DIY costume idea is this M&M costume that is super easy and cheap to make! With a little creativity and some DIY magic, any of these options below are possible.

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If you want to put in a little extra effort, attach some red felt letters and spell out “Good Guys” for cinematic accuracy and draw some scars on your face. You can easily find the clothing at a Goodwill or Salvation Army if you do a little digging and the letters at a craft store. You might have some type of skeleton shirt buried in your drawer, or if you want to go the extra mile, just pick up a skeleton suit from a costume store. My sister and her friends killed their halloween costume last year and they looked so good! Get creative and have fun making stuff up while explaining what your letter stands for when you are NOT standing by your friends!

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