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And you love dressing up. halloween outfits Or you hate dressing up but your family or friends or next door neighbor really want you to dress up. Even before WandaVision aired, people suspected Wanda’s nosy neighbor Agnes was really Agatha Harkness, a powerful witch and Wanda’s mentor in Marvel’s comic books. Better yet, WandaVision has even more tricks up its sleeves after this. But coming up with a decent pun-based costume is more difficult than it looks. Why not get a bit more daring this year and slide on a scary Halloween costume? With more whimsy and adventure than spooks and scares, Over The Garden Wall is a fun but still slightly scary animated series perfect for Halloween.

Let’s be honest. A year this disconcerting and downright weird (murder hornets, anyone?) deserves a fun Halloween celebration—and that means an especially epic Halloween costume. Then you can transform your T-shirt into the perfect top for a Transformers-inspired costume. Because his fur is blue, this can be a little difficult to pull off, but either a wig or some blue washable hair dye or spray can do the trick. However, because of all those hints, this twist feels earned, as opposed to coming out of the blue. Still, as unsurprising as the Agatha/Agnes reveal may be for WandaVision’s comic book-savvy viewers, it would’ve been disappointing if all those hints the series kept dropping had turned out to be red herrings.

The cat might be out of the bag with Agatha, but the series’ big finish has only begun. You’re about to be someone’s mummy, so you might as well dress like it. If you’re still undecided about who (or what) you’d like be, perhaps it’s time to consider something a little different than the usual superhero costumes, video game characters, and Kardashians. There are plenty of effortless ensembles that can be created with a rummage through your closet and a quick trip to the store—think a balloon-infused walking bubble bath look—to hilarious costumes from fast-shipping online retailers like Amazon and Walmart. But even if your shindig is a virtual Halloween party, the costumes are still at the heart of the fun. As fun as shocking reveals are, the obvious answer is rewarding when a show gets it right and then presents it with style. A remote controlled iPhone app even gives Ziggy the ability to drive, creating a fun and memorable Halloween holiday.

Boutique has unveiled two Halloween costumes adapted for wheelchair users. Even if you can’t find the Robin to your Batman, we’ve also included pet Halloween costumes too. Dream Kardashian, daughter of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, was unbelievably cute as Raggedy Ann on her first Halloween. You can see how Dietzenbach created the elaborate costume in the video above, the halloween store but before you take on this ambitious project yourself just know that this wasn’t his first costume-making session. After all, All Hallows’ Eve is supposed to be spooky—that’s pretty much the whole point—and when you go for spine-tingling rather than cute or cool it opens up so many costume possibilities. But if time has slipped through your fingers and you’ve found yourself on the eve of October 31 with not a clue about what kind of outfit to wear, fear not.

When planning the perfect outfit for your socially distanced event, remember to consider the impact on the planet. Quarantine gave us the perfect opportunity to experiment with our hair. Then take the rest of your hair and create another bun a little lower on your head. Haven’t quite decided on a Halloween costume for your little one just yet? But one “genre” of costume that never gets old is children’s book Halloween costumes. My Mom would help my sister and I bring our Halloween costume ideas come to life. The clues only continued to pile up once the show began, with Agnes’ necklace, wedding date and Halloween costume all pointing to her being more than just another unassuming citizen of Westview under Wanda’s control. This pattern also works for a fire truck or a semi-truck costume. Your little Trolls fan will be delighted by this Poppy costume. We’ve collected the coolest easy-sew costumes, from a glorious White Swan tutu for little girls, to a toddler-size Candy Corn getup.

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