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Let your child and your pet take a bite out of crime on Halloween by dressing them as a pair of costume shop police officers. Katy is so jealous she doesn’t even want to take part in any Halloween festivities until Alice manages to cleverly defuse the costume dilemma. Remember to have your camera ready and take lots of pictures. If any of their trick-or-treating friends lose a tooth biting into a candy bar, they’ll be ready to collect. Let your child pose as a bus schedule sign and you’ve got a pair that’s ready to be on the move. Now that’s commitment. Of course, with a global pandemic happening, just make sure you’re celebrating safely and not going to any large parties, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress up for the occasion.

As you turn the pages you’ll see how Daniel’s friends dress up and then there’s a parade that brings everyone together for a fun evening. To see the final version of this costume, check out version 2.0 here! Check out our gallery to see some of the best couples Halloween costumes of all time! You can find wonderful girl hero costumes such as Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Batgirl. Fitted skirts, flattering jumpsuits, and elegant gowns are just a few of the pieces you’ll find in this roundup. The animated TV series Extreme Ghostbusters takes place a few years later when supernatural activity is once again plaguing the city.

Bonus points if they develop a routine and perform a few tricks! Whether you practiced parenting on your fur babies until your human baby came along, or you ended up with your pet because your child begged and pleaded for a companion — the connection between pets and kids is undeniable. Dress your pet as a shiny, white tooth and let your child be the tooth fairy, complete with wings and wand. That’s all well and good until Katy’s best friend, Alice, decides to dress up in lots of glitter and be a mermaid. Though we’ve already rounded up tons of celeb outfits to help get you inspired, we decided it’d be a good idea to help those of you who want to plan a couples costume. If you’re already thinking about snagging their costumes, here are options you can get at Walmart. And don’t even get us started on Halloween obsessed Ariana Grande and her bae Mac Miller.

Your little storybook character will look even more authentic when accompanied by her very own wolf in disguise. Even if you don’t have kids, your heart is sure to melt. If you have two kids, consider reworking the eldest child’s costume from last year into an entirely different one. Whether this is your first pregnancy or you were not showing during October for your last pregnancy, online costume stores these pregnancy Halloween costume ideas will no doubt win you the best costume award in our book. Ari had four costumes last Halloween alone… but we’re still a sucker for when they both went as cute little starter Pokemon. Baseball or Pokemon cards might be a hit.

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