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This nurse costume is simple, Get A Cos clean and will be great for many years to come. Go out to a Halloween party over the past few years and you’re almost guaranteed to run into the Queen of the North. If you’re a huge fan of Disney’s “The Incredibles,” you’ll totally love being Mrs. Incredible this Halloween. If he’s one for jokes, then he’ll totally love this funny inflatable Koala piggyback costume. One woman took a picture, and then another man ran up saying, “You’re doing pictures?!” and whipped out his iPhone to snap a quick shot too. This is a perfect costume for anyone doing a farmer or plant themed family costume. Whether she is in a video game or at your house this peachy little princess is a costume young girls will enjoy wearing.

With an array of characters in Alice in Wonderland, who could resist wearing them? “I had to tell him that I was still working on it so he’d take it off, and he wanted to sleep while wearing it! We totally love this adorable take on a “queen bee” costume. Who wouldn’t want to pretend they’re a flapper from “The Great Gatsby?” This chic costume comes with an eye-catching black mini dress and a feather headband. It comes with a pirate dress, vest and a pirate headband. This angel look consists of a long-sleeved floor-length white dress with a matching tie-belt and halo-style headband.

Furiosa boasts the most iconic look in the movie, but it’s also one of the most complicated. This one is guaranteed to get a few laughs. We thought this costume was a cute idea for besties to share — each gets one side of a giant heart. Thanks to “Hamilton” coming to Disney Plus this summer, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s award-winning musical has once again taken center stage — pun intended. Whether you’re looking for something traditional like a witch or want to go the comedic route — we’ve got an option for everyone and all genders. If you are looking for a spookier option, a witch is an easy classic. A classic college costume, rockstars are a fun, simple way to dress up for Halloween. With the classic head screws in graphics on either side of your bump, Frankenbaby is alive! This costume comes with everything you need to complete the animated look.

While Halloween may look different this year because of COVID-19 (view the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines for having a safe and healthy Halloween) there are still plenty of ways to celebrate the holiday safely. But as Halloween approached, and with trick-or-treating canceled in some areas, brands broke out their creepiest and kookiest experiential marketing campaigns to help consumers celebrate with COVID-friendly activations built for fun. Add a little extra sass to your socially distant Halloween party this year with this fun pirate costume! For extra fun, have someone dress as a deer. We have no relationship with manufacturers. Whether you are handing out candy with your grandma or dressing up for fun with your roommates, having a good Halloween costume doe not have to be hard or expensive.

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