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Halloween costumes for teens - cool, spooky, scary or freaky? Just in case you want to mix it up this year, here are 21 pun costumes that run the gamut from the traditional favorites to mash-ups that push the very boundaries of punnage. Twitch was also kind enough to provide us with a bit of insight into the mix and what goes down at Espookio. Out of a score of 10, Louise came in at a nine for representing the character. This one might sell out fast. And although you might take their easygoing manner for granted now, your ability to get them to wear whatever you want certainly won’t last forever.

LEGO Halloween Pumpkin Set 40055 Brick Owl - LEGO Marketplac Might as well put it to use, right? The Sanderson sisters from the literal best Halloween movie of your entire childhood — Hocus Pocus — is such an adorable costume idea, right? Every pirate needs their parrot right? The very first Disney character ever created, Mickey Mouse was first produced as a black and white film. To make things simpler, you could just wrap a piece of black fabric around your waist and cover it with several belts. This costume would be even cuter if you could disguise your baby carrier as a black hat. From empowering princesses in sparkly gowns, to animated animals with hearts of gold, to nefarious villains and intergalactic warriors, Disney’s range of costume options is almost endless.

So many options for a Wizard of Oz theme. With some of the character costume options like Star Wars and Toy Story, even man’s best friend can get in on the action and dress up with the fam. The classic franchise spans generations and pleases parents and kids alike, so dressing your entire family as Toy Story characters this Halloween will take your holiday to infinity and beyond. All 156 episodes of the classic anthology series The Twilight Zone are streaming on Hulu. Charlotte’s Web is a classic that everyone loves. It’ll look like the spider is in their web.

You can wear a shirt with a spider web pattern and leggings, halloween store online and have your little one dress up as a spider. Dress up as a Dia de los Muertos sugar skull with this easy DIY tutorial. Head to our Hair Bow tutorial here for the full how-to. You can each dress like your favorite character, or the character that best matches your personalities. A six year old will probably be more interested in Disney character costumes, while an older girl will want to look scary or cool in a superhero or even a zombie bride costume. Who wouldn’t want Pooh and Piglet showing up at their door on Halloween? There is one way this can go wrong: You don’t want to spend a ton of money or time on a Halloween costume only to have your child or your dog refuse to wear it.

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