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Luckily, we still can connect online as we’ve been doing for the past eight months, to throw a virtual Halloween party (or Netflix watch party) with friends and family. If you don’t have old formal dresses lying around, or you are no longer the size you were in high school (hand-raised, right here) check out your local thrift store or ask friends. For the headband: Any soft headband will work here. This very literal costume will take you all of about five minutes to make. It’s a simple costume that will take you less then 15 minutes to accomplish. Of course these are not the only options for costumes, but these idea will at least get your costume planning started!

With a little bit of glossy spray paint, a box and some red solo cups, you can achieve this last minute idea in about an hour. 8. Need a costume idea for two? You could have easily Googled “Awesome and Funny 2017 Halloween Costumes” two weeks ago, ordered what you needed, and been the hypothetical belle of the whatever Halloween ball you need to attend. A quick trip to the thrift store, dollar store, or craft store, will supply you with all the extras you need to get your costume together. The best part of this easy costume is that you can reuse most of the pieces in your fall and winter fashion wardrobe! We’ve rounded up some of the best ideas here.

Here are the directions and the photo credit courtesy of Country Living. With COVID-19 in the news, we all know what antibodies are these days. If you’re not quite at the ‘Last Minute’ stage of the Halloween Dress Up Game, and you have a few days to spare. I sometimes wonder if other people have the same definition of ‘last minute’ as I do. Posting the exact same snaps to their Instagram accounts, Brooklyn penned alongside the photos: ‘Happy 1 year anniversary baby. The festive holiday kicked off with the Resident Evil couple giving a nod to the acclaimed mockumentary series The Office with a couple of photos on Instagram. Tinashe also posted the message to Instagram with a selfie of her costume, a topical white hazmat suit with a blue surgical face mask.

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The night was made extra special by the full moon – a blue moon, meaning that it was the second full moon in a month. This version of the classic Spider-Man costume has an almost textured look to the fabric, which may be why it’s described as a 3D. The blue color is the darker blue, as seen on the more recent Spider-Men. Make sure, of course, to keep the color scheme fun, costume halloween neon or bright. If you do choose to use toilet paper, check the weather forecast to make sure the weather isn’t calling for rain. Dress in white and use black electric tape to create the ‘stick figure’.

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