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Slicked back hair and a pair of eyeglasses will complete the costume. get a cos Poof your hair and carry your pickles. They are usually packaged in unsanitized packaging and so almost always carry some form of harmful bacteria, too. Are you the sweet and romantic couple, always whispering sweet nothings into each others’ ears? As you gear up for the big day, chances are you’ll start to brainstorm outfit ideas. Sometimes it’s just about adding some makeup or a hairpiece like the last minute Halloween costume ideas we featured here. And you know me, getacos I really Love making the kid’s their Halloween costumes– even if it looks like I bought it. These quick costumes don’t require makeup or preparation; just put them on and you’ll look like you’re ready to treat your patients. Look really stressed. And there you have it, you’re a person working from home during the pandemic. Iron the bones stencils in place on the shirt and pants for about 30 seconds or until you have a good seal.

I wish I had known better, I wish I’d have never held myself to impossible standards or judged / stereotyped others. Wait until dry (about an hour) before adding more coats. I left it to dry over night, then the next day I flipped it over and did the exact same painting on the other side. STEP ONE: Print out the Skeleton Bones pages and trace the bones onto the non-shiny side of the freezer paper. STEP THREE: Turn right side out and make sure everything looks good. STEP FOUR: Once the paint is completely dry, remove the freezer paper.

I added about three coats of paint. But I added a heart in the pattern if you’re not as comfortable free handing it. STEP FIVE: Add the red heart! For me, I just free-handed the red heart. For me, I had too long of poster board, so I had to cut off the excess, so it could fold it up and glue it down. Place them in the slits, pushing through the poster board, hot glue them against the backside of the board. Feel the straps that you cut out of the poster board, and use scissors to cut four (front and back) slits into the fabric.

That’s how I feel about these shoes. This is a fun couple outfit that only requires you to pick out all the brightest, most patterned, or colorful clothes in your wardrobe. We’ll break down a couple of costumes you could easily create with items you can found in our stores. You can see my order below. Bonus points if you can whip out Regina George quotes all night! Now that my shortlist is ready, it will be a late night once Miss P makes up her mind about what she wants to dress up as. You and your partner could also dress up as your favorite superhero and sidekick duo.

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