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Whether your plans include taking your kids trick-or-treating, winning your company’s annual Halloween costume contest, or rocking the party with your amazing costume, everyone will think you planned your costume far in advance. These costumes are interchangeably for kids or adults, and I’ve tried to stick to ideas that are easy and either cheap or can be made with household items. The same can be said for a Cheerleader and a Football Player. According to Pinterest, you can expect to see plenty of people dressed as Pennywise the clown, Stanger Things characters, Wonder Woman, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and oddly enough, giraffes this Halloween. White sweats, black electrical tape, a white paper plate, a Sharpie, and scissors are the only things you need to pull off an impossibly cute stick figure Halloween costume.

All you need is construction paper and a paper plate! If you’ve put off making your Halloween costume until the 11th hour, you need to get clever in a hurry. If you waited until the last minute to put your Halloween costume together, it doesn’t mean it can’t still be creative (and easy). There are loads of reasons why costumes need to be procured at the last moment. I don’t go for scary or creepy costumes for my kids but I think this version of a skeleton is very kid-friendly and could be assembled at the very last minute! Some of these costumes could be assembled 30 minutes before trick or treating but many would require at least 24 hours of advanced notice. Monster’s University DIY costumes via Desert Chica. Rain cloud DIY by Fairfield World. Once you’re in your costume, it’ll be easy to spot Waldo – now you’ll be the hardest person in the world to find!

You can find this Riverdale shirt really cheap on Amazon. I’m sure you could find most of this costume at Value Village or a second hand store. The Jake Sully Costume has a tan jacket with gathered shoulders and an attached black shirt. Jake from State Farm, source unknown. Thing 1 & Thing 2, source unknown. Darla costume, source unknown. Needs: Brown kraft paper, styrofoam balls, simple dress or outfit. Any light brown or camel-coloured suit will do, along with a patterened mustard yellow tie. Throw on some fangs and black clothing and go as a vampire and a victim, complete with bite makes and light colored makeup. Needs: Red vest, high(er) waist light wash jeans & aviators.

Needs: Headset, red shirt, name tag. Don’t forget the shoe tip – avoid those adorable red pumps and wear your Chucks so you don’t end up with shoe regret while you are out trick-or-treating. Current restrictions in the Northern Territory are relaxed, with the main message to also follow social distancing and basic hygiene advice if out and about. Despite the pandemic taking the steam out of the festive holiday this year, people are getting creative and finding ways to celebrate at home. Who doesn’t love Finding Nemo? While an M&M makes a tasty treat, who says it can’t be a great Halloween costume too?

Share Her lavishly decorated tree comes as no surprise to her 11.4 million followers, who have seen her decking the halls for weeks in anticipation of her latest album, It’s About to Be A Very Trainor Christmas. Ok, you might not have all of the accessories in your wardrobe, but they’re fairly inexpensive to purchase (fortunately, the invisible box is totally free!). So we’re going to have some fun figuring out how to construct vehicle costumes! Use these costumes to help you overcome your last minute Halloween costume idea predicament. I think I was about 10 years old and needless to say it was an extremely last minute attempt at a costume. 50 on an outfit that will only last one night. An optional accessory that will add detail to the costume at no extra cost would be a laundry or cloth bag with a dollar sign on it.

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