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3. Spirit Halloween employees can’t keep astronaut helmets in stock. “It’s still just a bit too early to say, but if the helmets keep shipping out at the rate they are, a costume in-store stock will probably remain at a near-constant zero. 4. Spirit Halloween employees can’t believe customers are still trying on masks. Despite newfound concerns over touching surfaces or being exposed to infectious particles, customers are still willing to try on masks in the store, even though someone else may have already been wearing it. Before putting on their masks and capes, the boys can decide what their superpowers are and how they save the world. Unlike most years where some cat ears and a few eyeliner-drawn whiskers will save the day, this year’s Halloween will require us to mask up if we plan to see small groups of friends or family.

That means that they have a limited supply ready made, and may need a few weeks to make your costume on demand. Given that it had to be cheap, quick, and easy, the options were limited, especially with the added constraint that we wanted to make it a joint costume and do something to make use of Erin’s pregnant belly. You can superglue the basket to your hoodie and then use tin foil to make handles for the bike. There are a variety of walking paths throughout the community which is great if you want to walk alone, with your family or enjoy nature during a morning jog or bike ride.

The good news is that if they can’t, there are hundreds of other options awaiting you! Add a black blouse, towering heels, a sparkling statement necklace and a bold red lip and you’re good to go. Here’s what they had to say about everything from customers making a mess to the hazards of trying on a mask during this pandemic-heavy Halloween. Dietzenbach explained that it took approximately an hour and a half to create each monster, but said that the best part of making the costume was the monster face photo shoot he had with his daughter. Let this “killer” Zoom meeting costume that Greg Dietzenbach — a 42-year-old creative director for a creative design agency in Dubuque, Iowa — created for his 12-year-old daughter, Ada, convince you.

To create this effect, Dietzenbach taped an iPad to the back of the board and opened a mirror app, which looks exactly like a Zoom call. But here’s the catch: Eight of the Zoom “attendees” are actually Dietzenbach’s daughter. “Our employees are supposed to deal with opening and closing each and every package,” Kota says. “As much as I want to say that I’ve experienced anything creepy or paranormal, the store’s about as creepy as a former Circuit City can be,” Derek says. “An associate and I have both seen things swaying on the shelves as if someone walked by it, though nobody else is in the store,” Jayme says.

Still, he’s seen some strange things. “This way we don’t have to worry about things coming out or going into the packages that aren’t supposed to. Start by lining the neckline of the shirt all the way around, securing with safety pins where you see fit. If you see a costume you love, double check that the maker will be able to ship it to you in time. Max is a tricky choice because his costume is so “normal” (filthy shirt, filthy pants, filthy leather jacket) that you have to be very accurate if you want to be recognizable. If you want to live in the heart of the city where all the energy and the main events take place, look no further.

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