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But if time has slipped through your fingers and you’ve found yourself on the eve of October 31 with not a clue about what kind of outfit to wear, buy costumes fear not. Taking your normal “sports fan gear” and adding those extras you might not normally wear, costume will make you the ultimate sports fan! It can be very cheap because you can make one by yourself. Buy one this year and you’ll be the talk of Halloween parties for years to come. She took to Instagram where she admitted to being fat-phobic in previous years while holding herself ‘to impossible standards’. Just hit ‘Like’ on our Esquire Facebook page and ‘Follow’ on our @esquiremiddleeast Instagram and Twitter account. All the way back in the beginning of September, the Spring Breakers actress began posting witchy snaps of herself to her social media account in honor of ‘spooky season,’ and continued to do so throughout the last two months.

Finding ideas from items you already own is the perfect way to pull together a quick costume. This is another fairly easy costume to pull off quickly. Again, don’t forget that the accessories make the costume. It’s the accessories that will make this costume super fun. You can just wear a white t-shirt, scribble “undecided voter” on it, then refuse to answer any questions or make any definitive statements all night, no matter how obvious the answer may be. Or Snow White and The Prince. It just a few black circles on a white shirt and BAM, you’re the three-hole-punch version of yourself.

Go for the classic Campbell’s and match a red top with a white bottom. Then dress in all black, throw on a pair of red shorts or a red skirt with polka dots on it over the top. A smaller can – This will rest on top of your head to mimic the small nub on the head of Lego figures. There’s a good chance someone will have what you need. Look really stressed.funny dog costumes And there you have it, you’re a person working from home during the pandemic. Here’s a little mock-up of how that would look for you. From Boohoo to Victoria’s Secret and beyond, we’ve rounded up pink shorts that will help you unlock Ashley’s look for less.

If you feel that the costumes above are too adventurous for you, this following set of famous couples’ costumes will definitely appeal to your taste. So decide if you are going to represent your favorite baseball, football, hockey, or soccer team and go all out. On Saturday, the Alias actress showed off her simple plans for a festive costume, as she dressed up like her favorite emoji – a sleepy old lady. If you’re a fan of The Office like me, then why not copy Jim Halpert’s classic I-barely-even-tried costume? Those who are a fan of Sherlock Holmes, you’ve probably binge-watched this series on Netflix already. With COVID-19 in the news, we all know what antibodies are these days. Now all you need to do is grab a princess crown and perhaps a magic wand and you are ready to go.

And if you need help coming up with some creative ideas, the folks at Real Simple have already done the heavy lifting. Now you have an instant costume! This classic beagle dog outfit is one of the creative costume ideas available for a child or for an adult and it can be found at one of the many online Halloween costume stores. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who wrote to us. Halloween parties had to be held outdoors, with attendees told not to share food or drinks and anyone who felt unwell was ordered to stay at home. The treats and games you signed up for are prepped for the various school parties. If you don’t have old formal dresses lying around, or you are no longer the size you were in high school (hand-raised, right here) check out your local thrift store or ask friends.

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