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To get the overall shape and sizing right I used a raglan-sleeved A-line dress my daughter had in her halloween costumes closet. If you find yourself frantically searching online for “fast DIY costumes” or the bottom of your closet for kid or pet costume cast-offs that may be adult appropriate, don’t despair. From space-exploring astronauts and swash-buckling pirates to his favorite book characters and historical figures, these costumes for boys are bound to get your kid excited for one of his favorite holidays of the year. Instead of dressing him up as a firefighter for the third year in a row, dress your son in one of these unique boys Halloween costumes this October. In a crowd of goblins or ghouls, let your son stand out as the Maverick or Captain Jack Sparrow. For the jack o’lantern face I used some black fleece scraps and cut some slightly rounded triangles for the eyes and nose.

Next I cut a piece of 1 inch elastic about 4 inches wider that my daughter’s waist and snaked it through the casing, sewing the ends together and then stitching closed the gap. It’s an all pink dress with white trim around the shoulders, chest, and waist. Eliza’s soft, polk-dot nightgown is easily recreated with a floor-length white dress and a length of pastel blue ribbon, available at craft stores. Evie’s new attire consists of a dark blue top that has the character’s heart and crown logo printed upon it to look like a necklace. The outfit is on one hand very busy but on the other its completely awesome and a fantastic representation of the character’s look in the third Descendants movie. You will find great details for your own look here.

Grownups will find wearing one of these funny costumes at the office party to be a great success. For groups, there are a couple options for great costumes that can be easily and quickly thrown together at the last clown costume So take the time to peruse these unique versions of Cindy Lou Who costumes. Take advantage of this to win a costume contest at the adult dance or bar you attend. And I’ll take that any day over the borderline vixen-style costume looks that keep getting pushed at little girls these days. When it comes time to pick an awesome costume for Halloween or even just for fun, any comic fan is certainly going to consider going with Spider-Man. Check out this awesome collection as she comes to life in the coolest homemade Cindy Lou Who costumes. My college bestie and sorority sister for life Audra came up with it, that creative girlie!

I didn’t want to have to buy a pattern (out of a combination of pride & thriftiness), so I came up with this DIY design instead. I’d been certain she’d have picked a My Little Pony (her obsession) or the girls from Frozen (thanks to it’s constant bombardment on everything everywhere we go), but no, she stuck to “I want to be a pumpkin”. The neck hole was a little wider than I wanted (I didn’t want the collar of her clothes underneath the costume to show) so I also made a green stem collar. Then I turned the lining right side out and inserted it into the outer and pinned around the neck hole, adding a small loop of elastic at one of the corners. I hand stitched a button to the corner opposite the elastic loop for my neck closure. Adjustable shoulder straps and a hook and loop closure create the perfect fit.

I used sewn-in hook & eyes for the closure. I started by cutting a pair of curved green pieces several inches wider and longer than a basic collar from a pattern in my daughter’s size (that I had on hand). “For a black cat, pair a black shirt with black leggings/pants and/or a black skirt. Bonus points if you wear a pair of Air Jordan’s – electronic lacing or otherwise. Again just eye-balled the points and I stitched the right sides together with a small gap to turn. With right sides facing I stitched all the way around with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving one end open and then trimmed down the raw edges with pinking shears.

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