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A love of reading starts from late-night bedtime stories as a kid, so when you need inspiration for your kiddo’s Halloween costume this year, which halloween costumes why not take a page out of their favorite book (see what we did there)? The list of places to draw inspiration from for Halloween is no small one. This year, Halloween will undoubtedly look and feel a lot different. With the addition of Toy Story 4 characters like Forky and Bo Peep to the original cast’s costume choices this year, this is an amazingly fun option for larger families. It has the coolest aesthetic, the best candy, and let’s be real here, there are few things more fun than getting the crap scared out of you with dozens of other people.

With all of those classic books out there, the possibilities are endless, halloween costumes for 3 but we’ve rounded up 18 of some of the most beloved characters to get you started. In the same episode as where Tina is a “mombie,” Louise always tends to base her costumes on more serious characters. Dressing your kids up as characters from the book is adorable and easy to do. The Madeline books are beloved classics for children and adults alike and dressing your little one (or yourself) up as the French school girl is fairly simple. I thought I loved dressing up, and then I had kids and got to dress them like little dolls and parade them around for free candy.

My Fiancee and I decided to be the lead roles in Juno for Halloween.For the Homemade Juno Macguff and Paulie Bleeker from Juno Costume we tried to spend as little as possible. This costume is designed for the baby T-Rex on the move. Look at that baby in the teddy bear costume. Apart from being LOL, maybe they’ll help inspire your Halloween costume this year (at a more manageable price tag, that is)? A host of other famous and recognizable character costumes are available this year with great and beautiful improvements. This assortment of Lion King costumes run the gamut from character masks to full-length suits, and most of them come in both adult and child versions (prices may vary according to size). The adult teapot costume is one option, or you could snag a cool tea shirt for a simpler vibe.

These costumes are great for all ages, from baby to adult. There are also two new costumes with flat seams and no tags, for children with sensory issues: a shark and a unicorn. How about two people playing a nice safe game of telephone? If you’re not using a mouse pad with a wrist rest, you’ve got two potential problems: A palm that probably gets cold after resting directly on your desk or table and a wrist that’s more prone to repetitive-stress injury. There’s nothing more classic than a good old pirate costume — especially when accessorized with your best boots, a pirate hat, halloween websites and a sword. Who doesn’t love a good cat pun?

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