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With the white cloth, it is time for you and your kids to show your creativity. Tenet: Insist this year’s party be held in person, then keep saying you’ll show up in an hour. This is a simple Spider-Man costume that you could wear to work — the shirt, that is — then pop the hood on when it comes time to throttle up. This guys last minute Halloween costume is genius way to throw it back Saturday morning cartoons. For me, this is probably the easiest of all the ideas listed in this Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Moms guide. Despite the best of intentions, you might find yourself scrambling to dream up impressive last-minute Halloween costume ideas for a dress-up party or office celebration. We’ve come through with a killer list of the best last-minute costumes. I’m going to bail you out one more time, but come October 2021 you’re on your own.

P.S. For the longest time, I boycotted Steve Madden because he was in prison for this and that. While SPFX isn’t my thing for all the time, it’s fun to do for Halloween time. While I did a little bit of contouring aka face shaping, it wasn’t super noticeable. This is one of my all time favorite Halloween costumes, but it wasn’t my idea. So I did what I could with the short time I had. Plus, I had never really done any sort of SPFX makeup before and they didn’t mind letting me use their liquid latex and gallons of fake blood.

Because I wanted to do Frida justice and she didn’t “contour.” I also wanted my blush to really flush my face, like hers did. We applied some yellow eye makeup, and lots of glitter and highlighter so we could shine bright like the queen bees we are! As Psy, make sure you slick your hair back in the classic 50s style and make it shine with lots of old-fashioned pomade. From the bell-bottoms and big collars of the 70’s to the big hair and bright colors of 80’s your Halloween costume is hiding in your closet, you just have to find it.

A costume that covers the face can cause vision to be limited which poses a risk of tripping or running into things. I’ll also of course be giving you plenty of makeup tips throughout so you can really take your look to the next level. Makeup wise I kept everything really natural. For hair, I kept it wavy and natural. Shower, blow dry hair frizzy, flip hair, brush out. Dry shampoo and Aqua Net and gasp, mousse, LA gel… breaking all the rules. For this super easy and simple Halloween costume, all you need is a white t-shirt, a sharpie, and some colored pom-poms.

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