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PC도 이젠 금수저 시대다! - 포스트 Isabelle has sported a variety of outfits throughout the Animal Crossing series including a green checkered vest, a yellow sweater, which halloween costumes and her salmon-colored New Horizons Hawaiian shirt. Still, as unsurprising as the Agatha/Agnes reveal may be for WandaVision’s comic book-savvy viewers, it would’ve been disappointing if all those hints the series kept dropping had turned out to be red herrings. The clothing items needed are: a red or orange headband, rounded sunglasses, a baggy long sleeve shirt, a brown poncho-like vest, brown boots, and some jeans. The following Animal Crossing costumes are rather simple to achieve, and inspired fans can play around and tweak their outfits to design a look that works with what clothing items they may already have.

25 Bad to Tasteless Halloween Costumes - Team Jimmy Joe As for clothing, distressed combat pants and clunky boots are a must for this costume. This fashionista wears a sharp outfit consisting of white pants and sunglasses, a blue denim jacket or sweater, and a yellow striped scarf in New Horizons. Label is another NPC who’s outfit is easy to pull off. Maybe you’ve spent time getting your kids’ Halloween costumes ready, and forgot to find an outfit for yourself. A Cinderella Classic Child Costume is an all time favorite among little girls. Make a little bell bag and add a mask or face paint to really get the point across.

While one may need to purchase a wig to get that “bag of bells” bob, it’s also possible to style a bun in this fashion. The infamous Tom Nook often gets a bad rap for the large sums of bells he constantly asks of the player. ” he curiously asks. Painting a pink nose could also help tie this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Halloween costume together. As the villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons wear human clothing, the body portion of these outfits are relatively simple to put together. Go all out this year and get a feel for what people are searching for with Google’s top 100 most-searched costumes, in descending order, ahead.

Even before WandaVision aired, people suspected Wanda’s nosy neighbor Agnes was really Agatha Harkness, a powerful witch and Wanda’s mentor in Marvel’s comic books. The clues only continued to pile up once the show began, with Agnes’ necklace, wedding date and Halloween costume all pointing to her being more than just another unassuming citizen of Westview under Wanda’s control. If you’re a mom of more than one girl, you can dress up as Miss Clavel and have your girls dress up as Madeline. His ears, tail, and paws are all black, so finding gloves and shoes in this color can make this costume pop. This week’s episode, “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” finally confirmed Agnes and Agatha are one and the same, but as transparent as the reveal might’ve been it was also highly satisfying. Making Agnes and Agatha the same person also validates those who guessed ahead of time while leaving those unfamiliar with Agatha intrigued to learn more.

Those unfamiliar with the Agatha Harkness character were no doubt suspicious of Agnes by this point too, if only because of the screen time she’s gotten and the way she’s constantly inserted herself into Wanda and Vision’s lives. While there are a lot of great Animal Crossing cosplay artists out there who have put a lot of time and detail into their look, many costumes can easily be assembled on a budget. For a really detailed look, a brown and green contact lens could be used to duplicate his heterochromia. After making or buying some ears and a tail, all that’s left to do is find a green sweater or leafy button-up Hawaiian shirt for this simple yet recognizable character. Because Animal Crossing is filled with well, animals, a majority of these costumes just need some fuzzy ears or a tail to really pull off the look.

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