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American Boy would not sing the Thai National Anthem at sunrise; he’d start his day with the Pledge of Allegiance. holloween store American Boy would not pray to Buddha the way his mother taught him to, asking to be reborn in the same family, asking for safety in this strange country; instead, he’d pay homage to Frankenstein. Not Thai boy. Or Thai American Boy. American Boy was popular. But now they had a son in America, who went to American schools, hung out with weird American boys, yearned for American fast food and American things. Now her son wanted to be Larry Bird, her son she felt she was losing.

When I was nine, I wanted to be Larry Bird, Boston Celtic star, who could make a basket from anywhere on the court. Who wanted to be American, eviscerating the Thai Buddhist in him because the Thai Buddhist was what set him apart when all he wanted was to belong. Perhaps you’ll encounter a few others who had the same group costume idea as you and your friends, but chances are they don’t include a second season recruit. Made from one bodysuit and a headpiece, this costume is super easy for kids to wear. When one came on, fright took over my body, my eyes wide and unblinking, as trailers of some film played on the old Zenith. No matter if you want to go full on scary or need something at the last minute, here are 28 family-friendly Halloween costume ideas for families big and small, young and old.

Halloween means it’s time for cute children’s costumes, and better yet, cute and coordinated children’s costumes, even if you’re just showing them off at home. Depending on the number of people you’re having and the type of food you’re preparing, you’ll maybe even have to start preparing for the occasion a month ahead. Can you believe we have known these toys for 15 years? You can also spend the day telling people you’re helping save lives by wearing a mask. By choosing your Halloween candy wisely, you’ll be helping to protect your kids’ health as well as the environment. Halloween was another day my parents didn’t understand.

But there was one day you could definitely be someone else. There may not be any kits that will give you a complete Mad Max outfit right out of the box. You know King Mongkut, right? “Why don’t you be King Mongkut this Halloween? Get the band back together this Halloween by dressing your kid and their pet up like rock stars. The Thai Buddhist and his Thai Buddhist family did peculiar things, like setting offerings of coffee to the statue of Buddha every morning or saying Pali prayers—words sounding like gravel—which the boy never understood the meaning of. If Buddha were in the mind and heart, he would protect me from any monster.

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